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Commercial equipment for food sector – semi industrial

metier agroalimentaire - fabrication artisanale

Specialist and inventor of the high-end mixer aimed to professional Chefs, Dynamic offers the largest and widest range on the market. Our products are suitable to semi industrial production techniques in agri-food sector, allowing to mix until 300 liters of preparation. These tools, dedicated to high volumes have made Dynamic Mixers renowned around the world and present in more than 120 countries.


With the Master and SMX ranges, prepare homemade production from 40 to 100 liters and from 75 to 300 liters respectively. As well, discover our Master and SMX special “bratt pans” ranges, designed for low height containers with large capacity. Their shorter feet and compact design offer a better working comfort.


For your very large quantities, opt for our professional turbo liquidizer Gigamix (100 to 300 liters). With their wheels, these Gigamix giraffes improve Chefs’ working comfort and are available in 3 versions : standard, lowered and removable.


Those different devices allow to realize a very large number of semi industrial preparations for the agribusiness sector thanks to their various accessories : mixer tool, homogenizer tool, ricer tool, whip.


Our patented innovation, the homogenizer tool (blender tool), reduces the shells of your bisques or leeks of your vegetable soups into a smooth and creamy velouté, with an unparalleled fineness. With our homogenizer foot, also make delicious semi industrial ice-creams and sorbets with a smooth, unctuous and airy texture. With its high capacity of homogenization, this equipment improves the smoothness and overrun of the ice-cream. As well, the blender foot is essential in the meat agri-industry to prepare polyphosphate brine and sauce juices used for meat mixtures.

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Our selection of devices for food industry – semi industrial

Facilitate the transfer of your homemade mixed preparation with the Dynapump, adaptable to the Gigamix blender attachment. It allows to empty your pots in a few minutes and transfer the content into the packaging area. A Dynamic exclusivity.

Our selection of supports for industry – semi industrial production

To reduce risks of tendonitis and other muscular pains, Dynamic Mixers offers various support brackets to facilitate the use of your mixers designed for homemade and agri-food productions. Opt for a hook support, to be placed on the edge of your pots to use mixers and whisks from Master and SMX ranges. As for the Servomix (for SMX and Master ranges), mounted on the wall and adjustable in height, it follows your movement and suits all your pots.