Junior MX 225
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The lightest mixer on the market in its category.
  • Lightweight, sturdy and handy.
  • Non detachable shaft: ensures durability of the mixer.
  • Safey button
  • Double insulation
  • Variable speed optional
  • Stainless steel mixer tube and guard for easy cleaning and perfect hygiene.
  • Titanium-plated blade easy to remove.
5 to 25 L
  • Variable speed optional.
  • Wall support reference 0880.1 included
  • ROBUSTNESS: Monoblock, stainless steel mixer tube and Titanium-plated blade. Ultra-resistant, optimizing its duration over time in the context of intensive use.
  • SAFETY : Unlocking safety feature
  • Comfort: Ergonomic design for easy handling and weight perfectly adapted to the user (thanks to high technology materials).
Ref. MX020
Output max 270 W
Speed 3000 to 12000 R.P.M.
Voltage 110 - 120 V or 220 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Total length 505 mm
Length tube + bell 225 mm
Appliance diameter 94 mm
Actual weight 1,7 Kg / 2 Kg


Clean the outside of the tube and the blade protector by passing it under the faucet.
Put the tube with the blade protector in clear water and start the machine for 3
seconds or more to clean the inside of the blade protector.
Wash the motor block with a sponge or with a slightly damp cloth.
Never clean this machine with water jet spray or in the dishwasher.
Use the wall mount to store your device.


WALL SUPPORT INCLUDED- Reference 089959.

Missing media item.
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Thanks to the versatility of the different knives: mix, spray, smooth, homogenize or emulsify directly in the pot, excellent soups, veloutés and bread soups!
These knives allow to make sauces, bechamel, mayonnaise, pancake batter, modified textured preparations, porridge, sorbet and ice creams, smoothies, milkshakes and juices, emulsions , creams (whipped, vegetables), compotes or fruit marmalades

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