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Professional from collective catering, discover our material for your kitchens

Specialist and inventor of the high-end mixer aimed to professional Chefs, Dynamic Mixers offers a selection of devices suitable to collective catering..


We have the largest and widest range on the market. It allows to mix, crush and pulverize preparations from 1 to 300 liters. Our exclusive blender attachments (homogenizers), available in six versions, are able to pulverize from 1 to 300 liters of soups, and to serve up to 2 000 covers. These tools, dedicated to high volumes made Dynamic Mixers renowned around the world.


Our Master and SMX ranges offer respectively a capacity of 40 to 100 liters and 75 to 300 liters.


As well, discover our professional turbo blender Gigamix, especially designed for high volume preparations in central kitchens and collective catering (from 100 to 300 liters). Powerful and ensuring an intensive service with no failure, our mixer on wheels are available in standard, lowered or removable versions. They fold away to ensure minimal space for easy storage.  


The various accessories enable to answer every need in collective catering :

  • Our blender tool allows to grind, crush, smooth and mix directly in the cooking pot delicious soups, veloutés, fish soups, fruit creams, ice-creams and sorbets and to obtain in five minutes only a smooth, unctuous and perfect texture.
  • With the Dynapump, adaptable to the Gigamix blender attachment, empty your pots in a few minutes and quickly and effortlessly transfer the mixed preparation into the packaging area.An indispensable tool for collective catering to improve working comfort, efficiency and prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MST). Completely removable, this equipment is machine washable. A Dynamic exclusivity.
  • The potato tool masher accessory for Gigamix is designed for very large quantities : its allows to mash, all at once and easily from 50 to 150 kg of potatoes, carrots celeriac, cauliflowers, broccolis… Stainless steel made, this equipment is simply removable for easy and quick cleaning.


To prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MST) and improve Chefs working comfort, hold our mixers at the edge of your pots with a support bracket. For a good working comfort, the SMX mixers, adapted to intensive use, come with a hook support. As well, with the wall mounted Servomix support, suitable to Master and SMX ranges, enjoy a better handling of your big mixers and naturally follow the movement while making your preparations. 

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