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Commercial equipment for brasseries and traditional restaurants


Specialist and inventor of the high-end mixer aimed to professional Chefs, Dynamic has become over the years the reference in the sector. Renowned for the robustness of its equipment and a know-how “made in France” : mixers and whisks are manufactured in Mortagne Sur Sèvre in Vendée and motors are produced in Vence factory in the Alpes-Maritimes. Its expertise is recognized in France and around the world by the greatest Chefs who use Dynamic equipment everyday in their gourmet restaurants.


Our hand mixers are very versatile : with one motor block, you can adapt several accessories to mix, emulsify, chop, crush, homogenize, liquefy… Thanks to the variable speed, achieve successfully the most delicate preparations.


With the blender foot, get a perfectly smooth and unctuous texture for all your veloutés, fruit creams, sauces, etc. This patented emulsifier, a Dynamic exclusive innovation, sucks the preparation from the underside. The mixture is crushed and ejected at high speed through the strips of the bell. Sieving is not necessary anymore : this accessory masters the most stringy fruits and vegetables (as leeks and pineapples) and even fish bones or shellfish shells ! Thanks to its high capacity of homogenization and overrun, it allows to realize delicious creamy and airy ice-creams. Essential for the preparation of all the gourmet desserts of your brasseries and traditional gourmet restaurants !


With the whisk, easily prepare doughs, creams, mousselines and pastries. A ricer tool and a cutter bowl complete the range of accessories suitable to our hand blenders. Emulsions, mousses, flavoured creams, etc : our devices will inspire your creativity. Textures are perfect and organoleptic qualities of your dishes are preserved.



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Our selection of mixers for brasseries and traditional restaurants

Our different ranges suit the number of covers served in your establishment, from the cordless mixer (1 to 4 liters of preparation), very handy and compact, to material designed for intensive use and high volumes (up to 300 liters).

Our selection of devices for brasseries and traditional restaurants

In addition to our professional mixers and whisks, discover our food cutters, salad spinners (manual and electric) and our juicer.