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Bakeries-Pastry shops : discover our equipment for all your food preparations

Specialist and inventor of the high-end mixer, Dynamic offers a large selection of equipment to help you in the preparation of bakeries, pastries and other delicacies.


Light and handy, the stick blender is an essential complement to your food processor : much simpler and quicker than a fixed appliance, use it directly in the preparation. No need to transfer the mixing into the food processor tank, just plunge the mixer into a bowl, pot, etc.


Thanks to the various accessories your mixer becomes an essential tool for all your needs in bakery-pastry

  • The hand mixer tool allows you to get a perfectly smooth result for all your pastry glazes, ganaches, custard creams... 
  • Thanks to the whisks, prepare your genoise, pancake doughs, almond pastes, meringues, butter creams, soufflés, whipped creams, etc. The whisk can also be used to knead your doughs (puff pastry, short pastry, brioche dough...). Thanks to the variable speed, realize successfully your most delicate preparations and easily whip egg-whites : slowly beat the egg white and finish with high speed to ensure an outstanding overrun and stability.
  • With our homogenizer tool (blender attachment), prepare all your fruit coulis and make delicious ice creams with smooth, creamy and airy texture for your bakery. Preserve all the taste and nutritional qualities of your ingredients and fresh fruits. Thanks to its high capacity of homogenization, this equipment improves smoothness and overrun of the ice-cream.


Achieve easily and quickly all your desserts with diced fruits thanks to our Dynacube. Thanks to its patented system and its numerous grids and accessories, this professional equipment insures to quickly and safely cut a large quantity of fruits. Thanks to two grids and a blade, cut into cubes your apples, mangos, pinneapples, etc. to instantly prepare delicious fruit salads. Add toppings and creative decoration with clean and precise cut to enhanced your cakes and pies.

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Our selection of devices for bakeries and pastry shops

Our various ranges of professional equipment adapt to all the quantities and allow to prepare from 1 to 300 liters. Most of the models have removable attachments to ensure a great versatility and easy cleaning.