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Chocolate and passion fruit mousse

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Mousse au chocolat fruit de la passion
  • 60g whole milk
  • 80g passion fruit purée
  • 7g custard powder
  • 300g couverture milk chocolate (for example Cacao Barry Ghana 40.5% or Cacao Barry Alunga)
  • 390g full-fat pouring cream

Chill the cream and the bowl of your food processor in the fridge, you cream needs to be well-chilled for the following steps.

Warm your milk chocolate up on a medium heat and over several goes in the microwave. It needs to be soft, but not melted.


Mix the custard powder, milk and passion fruit purée together.


Bring to the boil in a small pan until the mixtures thickens, then pour on the chocolate.


Allow the chocolate to melt for about 3 minutes, then whisk or use a blender with an emulsion blade to create a ganache: cream with a glossy texture. Put to one side at room temperature.


Remove your processor bowl containing the cream from the fridge.  Using a mixer and a beating disc, beat the cream at a medium speed. The cream should hold its shape, but not be too solid.


Using a whisk, mix 1/3 of the beaten cream into the ganache mix.


Using a flexible spatula, add the rest of the cream in two stages, lifting the mix with the spatula and allowing it to fall back down onto itself.


Finally, if there are any lumps, smooth the chocolate mousse with a few gentle turns of the whisk.

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