GIGAMIX blender / homogenizer
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BLENDER / HOMOGENIZER Version, for heavy-duty mixing !
  • Designed for high volumes
  • works directly in pots
  • Offers long service lifetime for intensive use
  • Long operating lifetime
  • 100% stainless steel for a perfect hygiene and unparalleled durability
  • Handy thanks to its wheels
  • Retractable and compact
  • Adjustable working height
100 to 300 L
  • COMFORT : Enhanced maneuverability thanks to the brake wheels
  • VERSATILITY : Various accessories
  • USABILITY : Easy storage
  • HYGIENE : 100% stainless steel for easy cleaning
  • OUTPUT : Powerful motor of 2.2 KW
  • PERFORMANCE : Time saving and maximum operating speed
Ref. TB020
Appliance diameter 270 mm
Length 570 mm
Shaft length 570 mm
Actual weight 79 kg
Output max 2,2 Kw
Volume (in liter or Kg) 100 to 300 L


In a few seconds and without dismantling anything, the stainless steel tube and bell can be washed with clear water only. The tri-phased electric connection must be done by a professional.
It’s preferable to regularly check the wear on bearings, seals and O-ring.

mise en situation gigamix blender
blender / homogenizer

In only a few minutes, the blender tool reduces the bones of your fish soups, shells of your bisques or leeks of your vegetable soups into a smooth and creamy velouté with and an unparalleled fineness.
Ideal accessory for ice-creams. The blender tool improves the incorporation of the ingredients and the overrun during the turbining. With one simple movement, you get a final result and earn precious time.

Gigamix and accessories
GIGAMIX, a super mixer for large capacity applications
GIGAMIX, a super mixer for large capacity applications
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Cleaning of the Gigamix and Dynapump


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