BM Dynamix® 190
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AC514 Bloc moteur Dynamix 190
1 to 8 L
  • Variable speed as standard
  • Efficient and powerful
  • - Detachable accessory at the base of the motor block avoiding water penetration during cleaning
  • Ergonomic
  • Silent
  • Multifunction thanks to its interchangeable attachments (standard or emulsifying blades, beater or emulsifying disks, detachable whisks, ricer/foodmill attachment, cutter bowl, 1- or 3-litre-graduated bowl).
Ref. AC514
Appliance diameter 70 mm
Total length 235 mm
Output max 250 W
Volume (in liter or Kg) 1 to 8 L


Detachable accessories for easy cleaning. Clean the accessories by passing them under the faucet.
Wash the motor block with a sponge or with a slightly damp cloth.
Never clean this machine with water jet spray or in the dishwasher.

mise en situation 1

Thanks to the versatility of the different knives : mix, spry, smooth, homogenize or emulsify directly in the pot, excellent soups, veloutés and bread soups ! These knives allow to make sauces, bechamel, mayonnaise, pancake batter, modified textured preparations, porridge, sorbet and ice creams, smoothies, milshakes and juices, emulsions, creams (whipped, vegetables), compotes or fruit marmalades.

mise en situation 2

The blender accessory allows to pulverize the ingredients (fibers, fishbone), to mix, to smooth, to homogenize your ice creams and sorbets or to emulsify your sauces and emulsions. It is also suitable for modified textured preparations, pancake batter, veloutes, soups, bread soups and soups (fish soup, dehydrated soup), legume purées, gelified water, juices, smoothies and milkshakes, coulis, creams (fruit or vegetables),  compotes and fruit marmalades, brine (cold powder dispersion).

Mise en situation 3

The whips will allow you to knead, mix, smooth, homogenize or whip your preparations such as pancake batter, flans, porridge, hot sauces (bechamel, pepper, Hollandaise), cold sauces (mayonnaise, vinaigrette ...) , mousses, whipped eggs white, whipped cream, creams (fruit, whipped), purees (mousseline, mashed potato preparations), soups and dehydrated foods.

Mise en situation 4
Ricer tool

The only professional tool to make real mashed potatoes and vegetables. Also used for compote preparations, fruit marmalades.

Mise en situation 5

The bowl cutter allows to chop vegetables (tapenade, guacamole, hummus ...), onions, herbs, garlic, parsley or meat and fish (terrine, stuffing, granita). It is also used to grate parmesan (shortbread parmesan), crush dry fruits, grind (speculoos, bread crumbs), mix, homogenize and knead.

Vidéo MINI - Dynamix 160


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